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House Calls of Menomonie, Inc

Representative Payee Services: A representative payee is an individual or organization that receives Social Security, SSI, Rail Road, Veterans and Earned Income payments for someone that cannot manage or direct someone else to manage his/her money.  The representative payee’s responsibility is to use the funds to pay for the current and foreseeable needs of the consumer for food, clothing and housing, recreation and miscellaneous expenses.

We also assist in preparing Annual Guardian Reports.

Supportive Services: We perform basic housekeeping tasks to help you maintain a clean and neat living environment.  We will also prepare simple meals, and can accompany you outside your home for medical appointments, shopping, and other similar activities.

Corporate Guardianship: House Calls can serve as Guardians for the person or estate, by providing management of entitlements, protecting the wards’ interest, and exercising rights on their behalf.

Community Support Service: Promoting true independent living by developing the following skills:  socialization, vocational, self-care, leisure and recreation, financial management and mobility.

Supervised Visitation: House Calls of Menomonie, Inc. provides supervised visitation.  The supervised visitation program provides an opportunity for non-residential parents to maintain contact with their children in a safe and neutral setting.

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